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Frank Avray WilsonComposition in Yellow1952
Market Intelligence and Straightforward Advice
Private Collector, Monaco

“I have worked with Fine Art Brokers for several years and have come to rely heavily on their advice for improving my collection of Modern British painting. I have worked in particular with Jamie Anderson; he is not only very knowledgeable, but commercially savvy with it, and as well as steering me towards some great works, he has also stopped me from making a few costly mistakes. He is honest, straightforward and mercifully lacking in artistic pretension and a pleasure to deal with. Through him and the team at Fine Art Brokers my knowledge and appreciation of Modern British work has grown exponentially, and with it my collection.”

About the Client Relationship

We began working with this client in 2009 and since that time have helped him acquire over 30 artworks for his collection. Throughout our long-term relationship we have also advised on and sold several of his works to both help fund new purchases and make room in the collection. This client started collecting at a modest level but with our guidance and advice has grown in confidence, he now buys fewer but more significant artworks. Fine Art Brokers continues to source works as well as advise on pieces he has found himself.