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Norman RockwellHomecoming Marine1945

Our Client Stories

We provide tailored solutions
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An American client from the mid-west contacted us in 2000 wanting advice on starting a collection. He had recently sold his company and wanted to invest his time and money in something worthwhile. He enjoyed learning about different periods of art and relative values. We helped him acquire pieces of lasting value and interest, from a Renoir portrait of a girl (who reminded him of his niece) to a large Marino Marini oil and this Marini sculpture, Piccolo Cavaliere .

Marino MariniPiccolo Cavaliere1949

We had discussed Chagall with a New York couple for some years. Nothing we found seemed to suit both husband and wife until we spotted this painting in a small auction in France. We viewed it personally, gave our own condition report and sent accurate, detailed images that showed the auction house’s description to be misleading. Having worked out a bidding strategy our Parisian agent attended the sale and we were able to acquire the work at a reasonable price. Ray Waterhouse then hung it in the client's Upper East Side residence.

Marc ChagallLe Collier Bleu1967-68

We were asked by a French collector to find an exceptional piece by Pierre Soulages. While we normally source works privately, on this occasion, after presenting two privately owned paintings, we found this excellent example at auction. It was the right date and composition for our client. As always, we carried out our research and then bid successfully and hung the artwork ourselves in his New York apartment.

Pierre SoulagesPeinture1958

One of our roles is to help clients develop their knowledge and introduce new artists. This was the case with this exceptional work by Dame Laura Knight. Our client had previously only acquired French art, but we recommended this English painting due to its quality, condition and connection to French Post-Impressionism. It hung handsomely alongside works by Renoir, Degas and Bonnard, holding its own despite being a fraction of the value.

Dame Laura KnightMarsh Mallows1914

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