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FAB New York
15 East 76th Street
NY 10021
Henri MartinBateaux de Peche de Collioure1920


Loie HollowellYellow BrainJune 10, 2021
Carlos Cruz-DiezPhysichromie 19192014
Quality over Quantity
Apple Executive, California, 2023

"Working with Fine Art Brokers, they have helped me move from 'wallpaper art' into significant, investment-quality pieces. Ray and his team are responsive, proactive, and have never made me feel as if (even with my more limited budget) I wasn't worthy of their time or attention. I've gotten access to art that I would have never gotten on my own, and they helped me refine my tastes. They have been excellent in arranging all the logistics regarding delivery and installation. Most importantly, Ray and his colleagues are trustworthy and dependable. I've had them to dinner in my home, and consider them part of my extended family."

About the Client Relationship

This client contacted us after seeing our post on instagram. He had the means to develop his interest in modern and contemporary art into collecting, but needed advice about which artists suited his home and tastes. He had a series of phone calls with Fine Art Brokers during which we established goals, and we have subsequently found three pieces which have started him on the road from a being a buyer of merely decorative art into something more serious. We make sure not only to inform him of all aspects of a prospective purchase but also to make the process enjoyable.

Thomas MoranGrand Canyon (A Miracle of Nature) (Zoroaster Peak, Grand Canyon)1913
Edgar Degas 1834 - 1917Femme lisant
Young Family Developing a Museum-Quality Collection
North Carolina Collector, 2023

"I had approached Fine Art Brokers in October 2021 with a desire to collect fine art in a few particular areas, but very little knowledge beyond that. Ray and his team have been wonderful helping me to build a beautiful, cost-effective and largely museum-quality collection, with active loans of works out to several well-known institutions to boot.

Ray has a tremendous amount of accumulated knowledge and acts as a mentor on both specific artworks and art market trends in general. I appreciate the straightforward and transparent manner in which he conducts business, and value his honest opinion on pieces I am considering, which has saved me numerous times from a poor acquisition.

I would recommend Ray and his firm without hesitation to anyone looking to begin collecting fine art, especially if your interests are with Impressionist, Modern and/or Contemporary works."

About the Client Relationship

After receiving an email from an aspiring collector expressing interest in a wide variety of art, I was interviewed on the phone for 90 minutes. He had research on art advisors and contacted us because the breadth of our knowledge and experience, and we are glad to say he decided to appoint us as his exclusive art advisors. Since then it has been a joy to work with him, sourcing, researching and acquiring art from 4th century Buddhas to Renaissance panels to major Impressionist to 20th century photographs: As he writes above, we have been able to arrange loans to prestigious museums, including the National Gallery in London and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, while his home is being completed.

Georges Alfred ChaudetNature Morte aux Pommesc.1890
Edgar DegasAprés le Bain
Building a collection with a client over 15 years
The late Marty Zweig, New York

“Ray Waterhouse has been advising and working very closely with me in the acquisition of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art for the past four years. I have found him to be extremely diligent, knowledgeable and hard working. In that time, we have worked with the very top people at the major auction houses, many of the biggest art dealers in the world and a few of the foremost historians on Impressionism. I have found that they have all come to respect Ray.

Leaving no stone unturned, Ray once travelled to Japan for me when we had learned of a wonderful Degas that might be for sale. Ray did the legwork and studied the picture, and I trusted his judgement sufficiently that I bought it without having seen the actual picture itself. It turned out to be an excellent choice and that work will soon be loaned to a major Degas exhibition that will tour some prominent museums. With his advice I have also bought paintings by Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Caillebotte, Matisse and Bonnard, and sculpture by Degas, Renoir and Rodin.”

About the Client Relationship

Marty liked buying both great, important art, and also art he just liked, as long as the artist had some connection to significant figures. We sourced this excellent Georges Alfed Chaudet still life, Nature morte aux pommes, in a small antique shop in Vienna for less than $30,000. Chaudet was a friend of Gauguin and used to supply him with paint in Brittany.

Kenneth NolandEmber1960
Ruth AsawaUntitled (S.669, Freestanding Tied-wire, Closed-center, Six-branched Tree Form)circa 1963
Helping the executor of an estate sell a collection
Richard D. Baum, Trustee, San Francisco

“I selected Ray Waterhouse to assist me in managing the sale of an estate art collection over which I was trustee. Not only did he prove to be an advisor possessed of extraordinary expertise, but a person of the highest integrity. In addition to helping negotiate highly favorable auction house terms for much of the collection, he provided private sale optionality through his gallery that enabled the successful sale of two of the more difficult pieces. Ray’s commitment to the collection led directly to achieving the highest and best results for the estate. I can, without reservation, recommend Ray to anyone requiring similar advisory services. He was a delight to work with.”

About the Client Relationship

Ray Waterhouse was approached by the executor of a Californian estate with an important art collection of Post-War art. Ray assessed the collection and gave estimates for private sale. He arranged photography, condition reports and shipping and then arranged estimates and proposals from three leading auction houses during Covid-19 conditions. The executor and beneficiaries were very happy with the combination of private and auction sale.

John Singer SargentSunset at Cairo1891
Visiting, educating and sourcing for a Middle Eastern client
Dr. Raouf Ghabbour, Cairo

“When I needed to buy paintings for my new homes I realized that I needed expert help. I studied the Fine Art Brokers website and invited Ray to visit me in Cairo and London. I was impressed by his willingness to educate and guide me, and yet leave me free to make my own decisions. He has bought many works of art for me and is a man of integrity with good buying sources and with a good team around him.”

About the Client Relationship

Before visiting Dr. Ghabbour's home in Cairo for the first time, we were able to source this beautiful and rare work by John Singer Sargent, Sunset at Cairo, a subject very relevant to him. While there, Ray spent many hours with the client discussing a collecting strategy and also advised his architect and designers and on lighting for his existing collection. We subsequently helped Dr. Ghabbour buy many Orientalist and Impressionist paintings as well as outdoor sculptures.

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