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Patrick HeronBrown Painting with Two Circles1958-59

Auction Services

Fine Art Brokers provides comprehensive guidance through the entire auction process, helping you select the right artwork to bid on and navigate through the terminology, commissions and charges.

Paul GauguinEve Bretonne II1889

We can help our clients bid at auctions in many ways. Firstly, we scour the world’s auctions for works that are relevant for each of our clients. We follow up on works of interest to obtain condition reports, detailed images, and information from the experts. We know many of the experts and how to interpret their messages.

We have auction advisors who view all major auctions in New York, London and Paris, and can arrange to view other auctions when needed. Whenever possible we encourage clients to view with us. When this is not convenient we can be our clients’ eyes and provide our personal insights, market knowledge and send our own photographs. We carry out all due diligence needed prior to bidding. Our art auction services include providing our clients with market reports with comparable prices.

We believe the most important help we offer is our art auction valuation and an expert guide based on our extensive experience in choosing the right painting to bid on and developing a bidding strategy.

Fine Art Brokers can accompany you to the auction to bid, or we can bid on your behalf to save you time and preserve your anonymity. We only charge a fee if a successful bid is achieved.

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No deal,
no fee
Our commitment to putting our clients first means transparency on all costs and no fees charged without a completed deal.

Services for Auctions

Global sourcing and Recommendations

In-situ Viewing and Selection Advice

Condition Reports and Due Diligence

Insider Access and Expert Opinions

Market Reports and Bidding Strategy

Bidding Services

Administration of Purchases and Licenses

Shipping and Installation

In 2006, clients of ours expressed interest in more than eight pieces at an auction. Ray viewed the works with them and suggested which to eliminate immediately – his opinions were based on quality and condition. We then researched the remaining four and subsequently eliminated another lot. Ray wrote a report recommending a bidding strategy, which included this beautiful Wyeth. The three bids appeared audacious at the time as two would have represented world records. We were successful and each work has proved to be an exceptional purchase, as both an investment and integral part of our clients' collection.

ANDREW WYETHSouth Cushing1955

“I have found Ray to be extremely diligent, knowledgeable and hard working. In the time we worked together, we worked with the very top people at major auction houses, and many of the biggest art dealers in the world.”

the late Marty Zweig, New York