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We offer expert art advisory services tailored to your taste, knowledge and requirements - and our fees are surprisingly reasonable.

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How Working with an Art Advisor can help New and Experienced Collectors

After 40 years working in the art market, I have met many highly successful people who, despite their life and work experience, were too intimidated when walking into an art gallery or auction house to discuss what they saw. On the other hand, there are even more examples of successful business people who aren’t apprehensive at all, and believe they can transfer their winning mentality to buying art. And there are other collectors or would-be collectors who simply don’t have the time or expertise to buy wisely.
Pablo PicassoPortrait of a Young Man1915

Trusted industry leaders for more than 35 years.

Fine Art Brokers, the art advisory and art brokerage firm, was founded by highly experienced art market specialists Ray Waterhouse and Jonathan Dodd. They have assembled an excellent team with expertise covering European and American art from 1800 to the present day.

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Our commitment to putting our clients first means transparency on all costs and no fees charged without a completed deal.

Buying Art

We work with clients in different ways according to their knowledge, taste and budget. For all clients we use our global network to source art, then we provide market reports, make recommendations based on our knowledge of the market and our client’s taste and help negotiate purchases.

the FAB PROMISEInsider access
to private
William ScottPermutations 1 — Blue1978

This acquisition shows how we can access paintings which clients would not know about or have access to. A client was looking for a great Scott and when we found this in a private collection, we arranged a viewing in a neutral location to protect both the buyer’s and seller’s anonymity. After brokering the price, we hung the painting in his home. Since the purchase in 2009, it has more than doubled in value.

Selling Art

Whether you are looking to sell a single work of art or an entire collection, Fine Art Brokers provides expert guidance through all the various selling options. We advise on beneficial timing and potential proceeds and always guard our clients’ best interests.

the FAB PROMISEDedicated research and due diligence on every work
Théodore GéricaultLions in a Mountainous Landscapec.1820

A French client inherited this wonderful Gericault from his grandmother. He wanted a private sale rather than auction which we managed within two months. We helped establish that this painting was the original version and that the one in the Musee du Louvre in Paris was a replica. In collaboration with a private dealer in New York, we sold the painting to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


We can access, explain and navigate the world of art auctions for you. Auctions can sometimes be daunting – the number of works on view, the conflicting estimates, the lack of guarantees, the terminology and of course the bidding. Fine Art Brokers can help you find, research and bid with confidence in auctions.

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Amedeo ModiglianiFillette Assise1918

Collection Management

We provide strategic services for planning, curating and budgeting when building and owning a collection. We also offer guidance on insurance and logistics and are pro-active in suggesting favorable times to deaccession.

the FAB PROMISEExpert advice for buyers and sellers

Estates & Fiduciaries

We work closely with trusts, estates and fiduciaries to arrange valuations, discuss and orchestrate private sales and negotiate with auction houses. It is important to have an in-depth understanding of the market and sales process when consigning estates to auction.