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Client Testimonials » Ian Sellars

Ian had been interested in starting a collection of British paintings for some years but was restricted by a lack of both knowledge and time. “I have found the work of FineArtBrokers invaluable. In fact without them I’d either not collect at all or probably buy something in a rush and regret it. I don’t really trust my own taste or knowledge of prices to buy on my own,” says Ian.

He is often able to see a painting before making a bid but trusts FineArtBrokers to offer an expert opinion. He says “recently I was interested in a Duncan Grant picture which I decided against on the morning of the sale as I hadn’t seen it. Ray Waterhouse urged me to reconsider, telling me it was far better than the catalogue photo. We did buy it and I have to say it’s now my favourite painting. Ray knows the direction I want to go and makes suggestions, but I always feel in control.”

Alfred Wallis
Our client owns properties in Cornwall and Provence, and we regularly recommend great paintings of these areas.
Sir Terry Frost
A friend of ours had bought a great collection direct from Frost many years before, and when he decided to sell selected works we were able to offer our client first choice. Bought in 2001, the value has now increased fourfold.