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Between them, Ray Waterhouse and Jonathan Dodd have over 60 years experience in the international art market and have bought and sold more than 5,000 paintings.

  • Complimentary and confidential consultations
  • Advice on trends, value and quality
  • Global sourcing
  • Research & authentication
  • Negotiation and bidding
  • Administration of purchases
  • Art market reports
  • Commissions are only charged on completed transactions, payable on a sliding scale
Much of our presentation to clients is inevitably done by e-mail, but nothing beats viewing paintings with clients in person. We do this whenever possible, especially when we are gauging the client’s taste and teaching them about the market.
Norman Rockwell
An American collector asked our advice on six paintings at a New York auction in June 2006. We advised him to dismiss two and gave art market reports and strategy on the others. They included this wonderful Rockwell.
Edgar Degas
We travelled to Japan on behalf of a client to inspect and report on this painting, which has proved a great investment. It was chosen for the 2003 exhibition ‘Degas and the Dance’ in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Detroit Institute of Arts.
Gustave Caillebotte
We advised a client on the purchase of this wonderful Impressionist still life. But within two years the owner wanted to replace it with a more important work and we sold it for him within 6 months and made him a profit.
At Fine Art Brokers we spend much time researching for our clients, but there is nothing more valuable than actually viewing works in person. Many of our clients aren’t able to go to view paintings themselves and rely on us to give accurate assessments and opinions on market value.
Sir Terry Frost
A private collector bought many paintings direct from Frost many years ago, and when he decided to sell we were able to offer a client first choice. We urged our client to buy it as it was from the artist’s best period. Bought in 2001, the value has now increased fivefold.
Bernard Cohen
A wealthy London client wanted to start collecting, but at a low level. We recommended this, which he snapped up for just $2,000. Since then he has made some very shrewd purchases (some have quadrupled in value) and has bought paintings at prices up to $200,000.